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Originally Posted by adub View Post
Keep in mind the Neo has a virtual flywheel vs. the Kickr with an actual flywheel, different feel, especially in ERG mode.

I went form a G1 kickr to a Neo2t, Sold the Neo2t and purchased the latest version of the Kickr as I didn't like the feel of the virtual flywheel while doing workouts in ERG mode.
I'm actually liking the virtual flywheel better on the Neo than the heavy flywheel on the H2. I struggled to keep my cadence up on the H2 and felt like I was always fighting a death spiral in erg mode on that that pushed me down into the low 80s. On the Neo I'm having no trouble keeping it in the low 90s or above for 1.5hr SS workouts in ERG mode. I haven't used a Kickr though..
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