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Fully dialed in... Hello Diablo

Just the fourth ride out on this thing and really getting her dialed in. Setting the b-tension on this bike is very weird - on my last ride up on San Geronimo Ridge, the chain managed to get out of sync with the idler, causing a terrible racket. But I think I finally nailed the chain tension, and have not had shifting problems since. The descending performance is phenomenal - riding Coast View and singletrack near Coyote Ridge today, I was coming out of corners carrying more speed than ever. Truly a "hover bike" on the downs.

The only drawback so far is that the bike is very very long, so it's a bit of a bear to get around climbing switchbacks properly - you have to plan ahead, enter the corner as far as possible to the outside, and really push hard around the corner without letting up on the gas. Not the most fun bike to ride on the traditional Tamarancho loop, which sometimes feels like an entire hour of climbing switchbacks.

Photo from this morning, looking out at Mt. Diablo from the top of Coastview.

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