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Originally Posted by NHAero View Post
Thanks so much for posting that write-up. Somehow I have to get myself and my ‘72 Bob Jackson out there! Are you permitted modern equipment on an old frameset? I definitely couldn't ride that on a 52-45 x 13-23, which is what I think is in the drawer of Nuovo Record bits for that bike.
There are no hard and fast rules about the equipment....vintage is strongly encouraged but it's understood that that isn't always possible. So you see a whole mix of machinery - everything from stock Singers to modern bikes....however most are riding something oldish. To have your bike designated "heroic" it needs to meet some criteria and this is simply for bragging rights.

Anything built of lugged steel is very much appreciated.

It's a really enjoyable event. The ride is real and it's not a vintage bike parade but that's what makes it so much fun and Heroic.


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