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A few mm can make a significant difference.

I just got a new bike and spent a month dialing it in, and have a zillion miles of experience and have gone through many bikes and pro bike fits.

Saddle should typically be level to 1-2deg nose down. Use a level. Sliding the saddle back and forth is for fit not to accommodate your reach to handlebar.

Ideally dial in your saddle position ignoring the stem and reach to the bar.

Regarding the stem, a general way to get an idea on the proper length is while riding in your typical position and looking down past the handlebar to the front hub, the hub should ideally be not visible and hidden by the handlebar. If you are seeing it past the handlebar your stem may be too short, if the opposite then too long. Often you’ll see over a longer ride and conditioning is lacking you may start seeing the hub nicely in line but by the end it’s in front of the bar and you are uncomfortable.

Strengthen your core. That helps a lot. Always. I think yoga is a great way to get fit for the bike. I do 20-30 minutes every weekday as my break from WAH office.
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