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Originally Posted by Jef58 View Post
Just as my frame was finishing up, the pictures of the new lugged Epic came out. I still would have went with Ti since I never had this material, but I could see myself on one of these. I imagine it will be a very nice riding bike to those who always lusted for a classic DeRosa.

I think what really attracted me to them was the history and their philosophy of what a bike should be. A simple classic style that is very different than the current crop of high end bikes. There is no gravel or off road where I live so a pure road bike is all I need. They are a great small company with one of the most capable designer/builders out there.
I agree with both statements. I love the idea of Doriano making me a classic SLX lugged frame. I've always been a fan of lugged frames so the Epopea is super attractive. I know a couple people who are going to place orders at NAHBS. One guy has a Prima and so does his wife. They went to Italy and had the full treatment done. He saw the Epopea prototypes when he was there two months ago. He's the one who sent me pics of it in the vise.
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