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Your Riding Videos Go Here

We've got a thread for photos so how about one for videos? I have to believe that there are others besides Weisen and myself who are stitching together videos from our rides.

I'm curious to see what sort of roads you're riding on and the traffic you're contending with. Please share.

I use a GoPro Hero 2 that I picked up a few years ago. I've tried every mount imaginable from helmet to chest to bar and have settled on a K-Edge bar mount. It works best on my road bike.

I typically keep my camera rolling for the entire ride and process my videos with iMovie. I'll make mental notes along the way of scenes that I think may work well in the final cut. It's all about the editing in the end.

Background music is a nice thing in my opinion and I get most of mine through a couple of sites that allow you to use their music without fear of copyright infringement. All they ask is that you give them credit in the information area of the video. Here are a couple of and here.

My most recent video is from a ride this past Wednesday. There was a strong south wind and I knew my one and only Strava KOM was in jeopardy of being captured by someone else. I went out and gave it all I had while shaving 2 seconds off my previous best. It held up to a challenge later in the day from a group of 5 so I was pleased.

Here's the video.

I hope others will contribute to this thread and give us all a better look at what you're experiencing on your rides.


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