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Originally Posted by Ti Designs View Post
DNA and injury history.

A big part of comfort on the bike is learning how to trust your pedals. That may sound ridiculous, but you've spent your whole life trying not to fall, a moving pedal under your foot feels a lot like falling. Have you ever gotten to the bottom of a set of stairs and miscounted the steps so you try to put your weight on nothing? You very quickly find the next solid object to support yourself - your arms dart out to the sides to find the hand rails. The same thing happens on a bike. The pedals turn but the handlebars seem good and solid. When I'm fitting someone I often use the largest gear on the bike, not because they should ride around in that gear all the time, but because slowing the pedals kills off the panic response.

Until you can get your full weight onto the pedals, most of this balance stuff can't work.
Thanks, that's very interesting.

Does that mean that riding in lower gears with higher cadence isn't going to help one get comfortable putting their full weight onto the pedal (and they''ll suffer from "poor fit" forever)?
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