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Originally Posted by pritchet74 View Post
No - and in the world of autographed cycling jerseys those COA's aren't worth much because it's such a niche market - anyone could be a "collector" and print a COA - and of the big name authentication companies would only bother with a Lance Armstrong jersey and nobody else. The Jeroen Blijlevens came with one, but I have had that one for ~15 years and it got lost.

Other that that, here is what I can tell you about these jerseys:

The 3 Liquigas jerseys were purchased directly from the original owner of The Pro's Closet a few years ago. Not bought thru TPC, but bought from the owner.

I had the Columbia one signed at the Tour of California - I got Cav to sign it and then the other guys but I was so excited that Cav signed it I wasn't even paying attention to who the other guys were.

I had Neil Stevens sign the ONCE jersey when I was at the Tour de France in 2001 - I was there with bikestyles tours and he was a tour guide with that group.

The Roche jersey was purchased by "campyman" (Rob) - his website used to be - but do NOT go there - that website isn't active and it just directed me to Asian porn. Anyways - for YEARS he was THE guy to get authentic autographed jerseys from. Here is an article about him: just don't click the link at the bottom of the article.

The Pezzo jersey was a gift years ago.

The Riis jersey was purchased from a collector years ago - that was a guy who I purchased a lot of jerseys from - many of which are one of a kind. I got Jan Ullrich's podium points jersey from the Tour of Suisse from him.
Thank you. PM sent.

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