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Originally Posted by rlanger View Post
Currently running Ultegra 6800 with a DA 9000 crank and thinking about upgrading to Di2.

I'd likely pick up a used DA 9000 upgrade kit, but was wondering from others who've gone this route... is it worth it? Or, is there better use of the cash?

I ride 250 to 300 Ks a week of mostly commuting and I don't race. I'm more than happy with my current wheel set (Fulcrum Racing Zero) for my purposes, so not really inclined to use the money for a new set.

I've never tried Di2 and my current setup shifts flawlessly, but what actually intrigues me more than anything is Synchro shift. I really hate having to look down at my rear derailleur to ensure that I'm not cross chaining. I just find it a bit dangerous. So the auto shifting sounds great.

So, what say you Paceliners?
Electronic shifting is really keen, but modern mechanical is too. 'Worth' is a big word...I'd say try to ride a bike with it, try it with thick gloves as well.

It IS nice to never have to ever change inner wires and shift housing, ever again(particularly if internal). It is nice that once adjusted, it never needs any tweeks. BUT can be vexing if some component or connector fails(altho diagnostics will tell you where the issue is, and very rare).
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