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To Di2 or Not to Di2? That is the question.

Currently running Ultegra 6800 with a DA 9000 crank and thinking about upgrading to Di2.

I'd likely pick up a used DA 9000 upgrade kit, but was wondering from others who've gone this route... is it worth it? Or, is there better use of the cash?

I ride 250 to 300 Ks a week of mostly commuting and I don't race. I'm more than happy with my current wheel set (Fulcrum Racing Zero) for my purposes, so not really inclined to use the money for a new set.

I've never tried Di2 and my current setup shifts flawlessly, but what actually intrigues me more than anything is Synchro shift. I really hate having to look down at my rear derailleur to ensure that I'm not cross chaining. I just find it a bit dangerous. So the auto shifting sounds great.

So, what say you Paceliners?
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