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Originally Posted by jtbadge View Post
Did you see a geo chart for this Hampsten somewhere? That sounds like a great fit for me, but don't have the upfront capital to buy the complete build. This is internal brake cable routing short of a custom that I have in my head.

The seatpost collar with canti cable hanger is pretty funny tho
Originally Posted by prototoast View Post
Maybe my brain isn't adjusting to Covid prices, but $3000 seems a bit steep for a nice frame with a mix of mechanical last gen groupset, and mediocre carbon wheels.

The Geometry looks good for me, in as much as It's specified. Talk me into it, what am I missing value-wise?
If someone wants the geo sheet, PM me. I asked Steve just in case it had been mismeasured by TPC enough to fit me

As for the price, the ActiveJunky 3% cashback will cover the shipping and you may get a discount code on top of that, so call it $2550 to your door unless you're paying tax.. I'd say $500 for the groupset, $600 for the wheels, $125 for the saddle, $150 for the bar/stem/post - so that leaves the frameset for $1175. I don't know about you, but that's a fair price for a $3K frameset in excellent condition from a top custom brand/builder. If it was a 58cm TT, I'd have hit the BUY button already.

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