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Originally Posted by Clean39T View Post
Mikes Bikes in the Bay Area is unloading a bunch of demo 2019 Venge Pros w Ultegra Di2 and CL50s....for $3k I think... Check Pink Bike.

Barring something like that, or the Dogma F10 disc Di2 demos from Excel, the Orbea looks like a great choice. I rode one of their OMR level frames a couple years ago and was very impressed with ride and build quality.

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$3k is a screaming deal for the components alone, but the previous gen Venge was notoriously harsh riding and not nearly as easy to work on. But if you want to got fast there’s very few others that can compete.

But to the OP, I’ve never heard anyone say a bad thing about an Orbea they’ve purchased. Kind of similar to Focus in that way - they’re incredibly popular and well respected in Europe but never really get the same pub or push stateside.
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