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Originally Posted by echappist View Post
I did read your post. Except in this cartoon strip, that zealot is representative of all cyclists. There's only one cyclist in the strip, and his name is Jeff (the person portrayed).

Jeff is a caricature for all cyclists. Any nuances about mocking a small minority of the group is lost, as the presumption is that this is how all of the group behaves
No, I think you're not giving people enough credit. To your point there are some small minded people, sure, but they aren't the majority of your peers.

We can indeed joke about Cowboys fans and still know that they "all" aren't whiners

I think the internet has given small voices a bigger audience than they deserve and the ability for like minded individuals to congregate has had some bad consequences.

Mature people can differentiate a person from a cartoon caricature and the context for which it's applied.

For anyone thinking or doing harm to a cyclist because of a cartoon, it isn't the fault of the cartoon, that person has issues.

You'll have more impact on the image of a cyclist where you are by how you interact with people way more than a cartoon.
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