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Originally Posted by Burnette View Post
Art imitates life. Comedy exposes an inconvenient truth and finds humor in it.

There was even a guy on this board that was a fan of following drivers to their homes and arguing with them. His last escalation involved following a woman drive home and arguing with her husband in their driveway.
Of course it does, but what exactly is this mocking? And what exactly is the take-away message?

The cyclist is shown to be in cycling gear, even not on a bike, thus suggesting that he's some sort of an "other". That he suggests an outrageous (and unlawful) response takes the issue away from accidental swerving and into the territory of "look at how unreasonable these misfits are". The original offense is trivialized, and the cartoonist goes out of his way to set up a strawman.

Just lazy, cynical, and misanthropic.
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