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Most of the comments re: USMNT, ConCaCaf, etc. here seem accurate to me. The US is in a bad spot right now, clearly, and there is certainly no easy, short fix.

I think that to compare the women's game to the men's, worldwide, though is just not feasible. International men's soccer, as a subculture, has been evolving in some countries for over a 100 years, putting the US far, far behind. Otoh, the women's game has evolved almost simultaneously worldwide (if not a bit earlier in the US aided by Title IX as stated by echappist above). When I was a boy growing up in ITA in the 60s/70s I played almost every single day, for years on end. Girls just did not play; I don't think anyone even thought twice about it.

I'm not even sure that The Zlatan's 3 sisters ever played, growing up...
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