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Originally Posted by Jaybee View Post
Not absolving CONCACAF of anything - they are an overflowing toilet of an organization , but there would have been a lot more flexibility to move that match in space or time if it weren't the final round of the Hex. Aren't those played simultaneously to avoid any sort of gaming the results?
of course, but CR and Mex didn't have to show up because they were already in. Had the three matches yesterday been played as the penultimate round of games (say on last Friday), it would have been more likely that USMNT squeeze by, as CR would have been trying their damndest to qualify, and Mexico would have had more incentive to play well. The right alignment of events (or rather, order of games) led to this. Non-issue when a team plays well, but an issue when the quality isn't there

Originally Posted by FlashUNC View Post
The best leagues and the best players are all in Europe. Iron sharpens iron. Some US guys playing domestically under a coach who's perhaps best known for the other worst failure in US international soccer history -- also embedded into that MLS racket -- with leadership at US Soccer invested solely in the perpetual monetary success of MLS over, say, putting the best possible product on the field, leads to what happened last night.

CONCACAF is the beer league of international soccer, with every advantage tipped towards the US qualifying, and we still made a hash of it.

Should have left Bruce and Sunil on the airport tarmac as far as I'm concerned.

Time for a hard look at why we should play anyone who gets serious run in MLS over better leagues worldwide, or hire an American coach for that matter.
Yes to all of the above.
Originally Posted by BobC View Post
MLS is far better than folks give it credit. Truth is that has helped the CONCACAF soccer nations far more than the U.S. (there are so many playing in MLS now & that is good). HOWEVER, I truly believe that MLS will continue to improve in quality, CONCACAF players who play there will also improve, the level of CONCACAF play will improve as a result. The USMNT will have to improve as well.
Spot on. Moreover, the issue is that a lot of the MNT players in MLS are essentially collecting paychecks for doing diddly, with no passion and no fire under their behinds. Having unmotivated players is only going to result in underperforming. I joke that perhaps the way Mexico will go down the drain is when they keep fielding players who "retire" to the MLS (e.g. dos Santo brothers)
CONCACAF as an organization is broken. T&T match is a case in point. If that flooding had occurred in UEFA, that match wouldn't have happened (or been moved). Too many CONCACAF countries play silly games with pitches and the rest. Refs overall are poor and the overall organization runs a crap show. That has to change. If CONCACAF wants quality players like Pulisic to shine, then this has to change.
Yep. CR, Honduras, Panama, and Ecuador are some dirty teams to play against. Total bush league stuff

Finally, USMNT has some real talent coming through the system (Weah, Sargeant, others). This failure could be a great opportunity to start completely anew with the younger generation.

Cheers, BobC
I hear the U17s are doing well in the U17 World Cup . The main concern is to make sure that the dual nationals (Carters-Vicker and Jonathan Gonzalez) youngsters don't get fazed and decide to join England and Mexico, respectively
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