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Here is the American problem in regards to football. Its been this way since i was training in Olympic development back in 95-96. we value athletic ability over creativity and actual talent for football. people draft football and basketball players based on how big they may get and can they be taught to do something as simple as put a ball into a hoop or catch a spherical object. both things are very easy to do, and made easier when you are a beast of a man.

But football is much different than this. Messi is the finest ever at 5'7" and would never have made it in this country. we fundamentally do not understand the game at its essence. they call it the beautiful game for a reason. Its poetry, and we are not a nation of poets.
the guys we have at the top are clueless. Hiring Arena was the least imaginative thing one could have done. Hire a former coach who was not that great back then either, and who has done nothing since to show hes grown? as soon as they hired him i told my dad we would not qualify. i was serious, and now im right.

I take this semi personally. at this age looking back i know i was not quite good enough to play, but i did play with guys who were better than Landon Donovan (i played against him my whole childhood and he never scored against me). they never had a chance, parents had no money, too small, too creative, too confusing for American coaches who are clueless.
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