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Originally Posted by cadence90 View Post
My old college art history professor (an admitted elitist snob, but very good as a teacher) used to say, "People who look stupid are stupid, very often." in discussing Brueghel and the rise of realism in Flemish painting.

I always found that remark vulgar, but maybe the old prof was on to something, as this certainly could be a Brueghel face....
Is Flemish art of certain period looked down upon? Never heard of Brueghel, and the only Flemish artist I know of is, well, assist specialist Kevin DeBruyne . Jest aside, there's one Flemish impressionistic painter whose name I can't think of. A lot of his subjects were that of the River Schelde (could be the Meuse as well). Almost a bit boring to look at as it appears to depict a body of still water. Google is suggesting Rysselberghe when I search for paintings of the Schelde. Perhaps you might have a better suggestion?

Is that look more or less inquisitive than that of a rotund waiter?

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