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Originally Posted by martl View Post
Somewhere around 2002 was the last time Mou lost and it wasn't the referees fault. some people have a funny definition of the term "class".
He sure is looking a lot like the emperor with no clothes over the last 5 years.

Originally Posted by tuscanyswe View Post
It is not the route i would have chosen ether .)
And no it does not look good, they need to start winning again but more importantly they need to start looking like a team, its like none has a clue of what the other is going to do and its been quite a while all rdy. Just poor play, even the simplest one twos are non existent.

On a more individual note I think Rooney may have made 1 or 2 good things over 90 x 5 minutes .) why on earth is he starting every game??? He feels so incredibly poor.
It's baffling to see him so indecisive on his starting 11, the scheme, the roles, etc. He really needs to drop Rooney and Fellaini, and get more pace on the field. Maybe more Rashford?

And he definitely needs to shut up about his players. He could get away with that bs with a guy like Materazzi at Inter, but I don't think that tactic plays well with ManU's stars.
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