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Originally Posted by tuscanyswe View Post
Nope he certainly looks lost. I never thought he would be a future worlds best but i would expect him to do a lot better than he has so far. He is all over the place and not very good in any of the positions he finds himself in tbh. Still think he will come good but he is not going to be the world beater so many united fans seem to think he would.
I think so too. He will improve but will most likely never justify his fee.

I think the larger question is Mou; has he lost it? 3 losses in a row is obviously not good, and the losses feel lose like that to Watford/Mazzarri?

Pogba may or may not be a bust, but Fellaini....

Originally Posted by tuscanyswe View Post
Im impressed with this Inter tbh. Very nice display tonight.
Currently 2-1 against juve. Congrats Cadence Well in 10min anyway..

Best line of the day:
21' 2T S. Lichtsteiner (JUVENTUS); 23' 2T M. Icardi (INTER); 33' 2T I. Perisic (INTER).

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