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Really like HD/NN combo - these tires are Addix SpeedGrip 2.35" rear, Addix Soft 2.35" front, with the SnakeSkin casings. I'm not sure you can get these particular tires anymore, as Schwalbe has beefed up their casings quite a bit on the new line and changed the branding.

There is great grip when climbing over rocky bits and in loose corners, but without the huge mass of something like a Minion DHF. Rolling resistance is comparable to Rekons IMO. Straight-line braking traction is great.

One caveat to know with the old Nic is that it seems to sacrifice a bit of cornering grip in super loose stuff - had a few close calls due to that. It's manageable in the rear once you're aware of it, but I wouldn't want to use the old Nic in the front.
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