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Originally Posted by weiwentg View Post
Some minor comments.

I don't like the look of the thumb paddle. But I bet it's really functional! And frankly, if it's functional, the look will probably grow on people.

James Huang's vid for CT showed a quick link!

I'm pretty small. I don't expect everyone to need road Q-factors, but I like that they maintained the crank's Q-factor at 145.5mm. I haven't tried GRX (151mm), but I suspect it might feel slightly off to me (but maybe I'd adapt to it, and maybe I'd get the XTR pedals with the -3mm spindles).

The RD comes stock with 12t top and 14t bottom pulleys. I think SRAM has 12t for both pulleys on its AXS groups, and Shimano has 11t for both pulleys right now.

Just aesthetically, I like the RD, the crank, and the logos.

Also, Huang said that Specialized is going to offer some bikes with Ekar. So, it's not just the European brands (Pinarello, Wilier, Ridley, and maybe 3T if you consider them Euro). It's a major US brand.

I've already said that I have a theoretical objection to 9t cogs. For the sort of gravel riding I do, if I were getting one of these groups, I think I'd do a 42t ring with the 10-44 cassette.

And for Mark McM: the initial reviews said that Ekar will offer a 165mm crank as well as the 3 170, 172.5, and 175mm. As we discussed, this doesn't mean it's going to be easy to find power meters for them, but at least they have short cranks!
Also! The YT vid didn't show it, but Huang's written article said that

But on the plus side, the controls are adjustable for reach, and the range of adjustment is much more amenable to people with smaller hands than anything Campagnolo has offered to date.
This is excellent. Here, I have to say that Campy has been relatively late at catching up with SRAM, then Shimano at lever adjustability. After going from Campy 10 to current Ultegra, I would not consider a groupset whose levers weren't adjustable at all. It's a relatively small thing, but when the other two manufacturers offer it, and there are a lot of small female riders who really need this, it was always a major negative in my mind.

Anyway, I haven't seen anything more specific than that.
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