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Originally Posted by jtakeda View Post
hmm.... with the flat mount only calipers ive got to figure out if I can run a flatmount caliper on my ISO frame.

Any idea of whether the RD will shift an 11 speed cassette properly? I really would just like the clutch
No idea about the RD, but it would be interesting if it did work with other generations.

As far as ISO frames go, there are a couple options. Magura MT8 (maybe others) calipers, Hope "Shimano" version, and as such could probably use Shimano or TRP calipers if you came across a good set. Basically you need to have a Mineral Oil caliper, that requires a similar amount of fluid displacement on pull of the lever. (Joosttx just updated his MTB from Magura MT calipers to XTR calipers)...

I am nearing completing of my Magura MT8/Potenza build, and am looking forward to getting some time on the levers, just need to get a replacement hydraulic line because the used group I bought doesn't have enough length.

Originally Posted by yinzerniner View Post
Since Campy uses Magura tech in their hydraulic braking, is there any reason why someone couldn't use hydraulic rim brake calipers like the ones below:

I know they're pretty rare and old, but so too are the bikes (and riders) that seem to frequent these halls.....
So, I've wanted to go down this path for a while, as I have a set of eTap HRD levers plumbed to Red22 Hydro Rim brakes on my Holland.

The biggest problem you'll see with the Magura version (and the Campy levers) is that they don't have a brake release built into the caliper like most mechanical brakes do (the Campy levers don't have the release button we love either), requiring the user to deflate the tires to install or remove them. I had stumbled across a Di2 hydro bike using the above Magura Calipers. User

I think I have a solution, but its a bit convoluted and isn't an inexpensive route.

If you (or anyone) really are interested in what I'm thinking about, send me a PM. I'd be happy to walk through my idea and how I think it will work.....
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