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Originally Posted by pcb View Post
I don't want to befoul the swimming pool, as it were, but if he's over 6' and doesn't want much bar drop, unless you're talking really sloped top tubes with high stacks, maybe you're better off looking at 59-60cm?

When you're looking at horizontal top tubes, especially, 58cm sounds a little low to me...
The tricky part with a 59-60 is that the TT length (and reach) and standover go up too. I lucked into two 58's with sloping TT's and high stacks, though somewhat disguised. One's a Diverge with its Future Shock plus 15mm of spacers, the other is a Synapse with the Cdale headlight/spacer, which adds 30mm, plus 15mm regular spacers on top of that. Both also had the stems flipped up when I got them, so lots of stack for me.
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