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Looking for a complete bike for my brother (58cm-ish)

Could really use the forum's help on this one. My brother Mike has had a 57cm Bianchi Giro for about 13 years. To make it work, he had to get a stem with a really steep angle to raise the bars a lot.

I asked him to do the Competitive Cyclist Measurement chart and here's what he came back with:

Total height: 6' 1/2" (72.5")
Inseam: 35"
Thigh: 25.5"
Lower leg: 23"
Trunk: 27"
Sternal notch: 59.75"
Forearm: 12.5"
Total arm: 24"

I'm skeptical that his inseam is really 35"...probably not quite...

Anyway! I looked at this and thought a 58 would probably do. We're looking to find a complete bike for him under $1500 (including shipping). The closer to 1k we can get the better as his budget is tight.

I think the only requirements are that he wants decent components and a fairly relaxed ride... He wants a road bike, but doesn't want too much saddle to bar drop. Doesn't need disc brakes, but a more modern groupset would be preferable (at least 10spd).

Would love to see what you think for sizing based on the above measurements and look forward to seeing what bikes you may have that fit the bill.

Thank you!
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