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Would totally be happy to sell it to you. It's pretty new, since it was a warranty replacement by KS. Post is fairly marked up towards the bottom, but it is totally operable.

I will give KS this - it's an incredibly light post, around 400 grams. Problems that I had with it:

* One warranty replacement at ~ 1600 miles after the post started rotating freely during travel
* Chronic issues with slipping in multiple frames - I could never really find the torque amount that would keep the post from slipping yet allow it to properly work. The listed torque spec for the post prevented it from actually working in every frame I used it in. Tons of carbon paste while installing helps, and certain seatpost clamps work better than others (Thomson was particularly problematic)
* It's one of those droppers where the cable clamps at the post end rather than at the lever end, making installation trickier.
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