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Originally Posted by muz View Post
Maybe this is heresy, but I don't think you can feel any difference between high end steel tube sets. I say high end, because you need that tensile strength with lightweight tubing. So, Reynolds 853 or 953, Dedacciai Zero, Columbus Spirit etc will all behave the same. The builder can make some difference in how they select gauges, angles, butt lengths, etc.
im not sure i understand this. each high end tube set is a bit different right? I have a bike built of high end skinny tubes, and one built of high end oversized tubes and one built with high end normal tubes, and had one built with mini max tubes and each one is entirely different in feel. and yes, i could most certainly ride them blindfold and tell you which is which. i know exactly how my goodrich feels on the driveway every day vs other bikes. when you have 3/4 miles of chunky gravel at the start and end of every ride, you learn fast what forks give, what tires kush, how carbon bars change feel, how a good fork sucks up bumps, and what steel feels like compared to steel, carbon, ti and alu.
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