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Serotta Nova Special X

Hello, I'm a new member and have been reading as much about Serotta Nova Special X as possible on this forum. Lots of helpful and interesting information. However, I still have a few questions.

I recently acquired through my favorite website (eBay) a Serotta Nova Special X with complete Dura Ace 7402 which looks like the original group. I'm in the process of changing out the seat, stem and crankset (stem and crank to be longer than what came on the bike). From what I can tell, the bike is in great shape, no rust and no dents. The color is some kind of pearl with yellow/orange/red decals. Measurements are: HT Length: 14.4 cm. TT: 55 c-t-c. ST: 56 c-t-c.

The chain stays are slightly shaped, not straight.

The serial number is: SL560071. Based on your serial number decoder, this means it's actually a Nova Special, not X. Is this correct? I have a hunch it was possibly professionally repainted at some point. You can see the initials "JB" on the left seat stay near BB in matching yellow decal paint. The lettering style used looks like Joe Bell. Is this correct as well? I haven't checked the base of the seat tube, but head tube has rifling in it.

So in a nutshell: Is this a 1990 or '91 Nova Special or NSX, and was it in fact repainted at some point? I tried uploading some pictures but got a 'failed upload' message. Here is a link to where I posted pictures on Flickr. The pearl/white bike is the bike in question. Thanks to all for help and comments.
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