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I can say with some certainty that there was never a model that had a serial number starting with 'EM'.

I'm pretty sure the bike in question was a one off, built off the clock, for Scott Paine who was the head machinist. I shouldn't say that I built it for him....I brazed it for him and Scotty did the rest of the work himself. He is very skilled but wanted someone else to braze the 753 as he'd never done it and I was certified in 753.

There was never a real model made with 753 and only a few of us made them for ourselves but even those were never official projects. Serotta at that time had a good number of skilled riders (Scotty included - he's beautiful on the bike) and we always wanted to make stuff for ourselves and the company was good about letting us do that. Everyone learned a lot this way and the cost to the company was very small.

I had bikes myself that were made with all kinds of tubes over the years - Colorado 853, 708, Tange Prestige, 753 and a number that I can't remember. most of these never got an official serial number. A few did as the CEO at the time was worried about liability issues should these bikes change hands and fail and hurt someone so I do recall that he required some number be put on them for easy ID. Maybe that's where the 'EM' number came from. I never personally stamped a bike with EM and most of my bikes had no number at all.

Fun stuff to remember.

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