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Originally Posted by l0n3rider View Post
1st of all .. i do not have anything to value add .. but if you would like to erad further into bike handling .. this is an excellent article on
I just got done reading through the entire article. What a great resource! Thanks for sharing this. In the case of the longer frame 59cm XSogn, it’s no simple equation obviously but some of the main the factors from my case above are starting to gel for me like this:

- Long wheelbase / long chainstays: more stable at speed a little harder to maneuver at slower speeds.
- Short Stem: small steering arc / easier to turn the wheels / quicker steering
-Less Weight on the front wheel due to a lighter rider using a short stem to compensate for a long reach: lighter steering action oversensitive to steering input
Short Trail: more manueverable at lower speeds / less stable at high speeds.
Novice Rider: more prone to overcorrect / overreact when correcting a line.

= ?

Maybe I’m reading this wrong but, with the longer frame in my example, it seems that there is one factor on the “stability at speed / slower at low speed side” part of the equation, and 3 factors on the “fast steering at slow speeds / twitchy at high speeds” part of the equation. So the key question is whether all those factors override the longer frame...resulting in a less than stable / twitchy situation, made worse by a novice rider prone to overcorrection.

Im thinking this bike isn’t going to be ideal in either size because the 59 just isn’t going to give me wife a relaxing experience with some unstable characteristics while the 56 may be a little better in the handling department but to make it fit we’d have to resort to some less than attractive measures to get the bars high enough. Clearly I need to be looking at other frame options or I risk this whole operation to sell my wife on cycling ending in heartbrake and misery for all involved and my wife swearing off cycling for good :-)

As I mentioned in the other thread. The geometry approach here by Rawland here is a head-scratcher. Not only is it only offered in 3 vastly different sizes, but the geometry in each size seems quite long and low for a gravel or adventure bike...add in the real short trail and I just don’t get it. Maybe I’m still off base here and would love someone to set me straight. Either way it’s been an interesting case study. I’m really glad I took the time to research this before pulling the trigger. It’s a bummer because it’s a nice looking steel frame, love the paint color, Apex 1x drivetrain, hydro brakes, stock WTB tires and for some reason Walmart got their hands on a huge batch of them and they’re selling them for $950! If the dimensions work for anyone looking for a low cost gravel bike (with a spec closer to $2K) it’s a no-brainer!

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