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Originally Posted by aellaguno View Post
Hi, so I would love to hear some thoughts on how lenient one can be with steel fitting. Keeping in mind, that when purchasing a vintage bike, Im not going looong distances or riding the bike a lot, Its more of a coffee bike, easy riding, because im too fearful of having the steel frame paint chipped. If I normally ride a 55/56 frame, could I go as low as a 53/54 frame? knowing that it wont fit perfectly, but will at least be rideable? I prefer to risk the comfort side of the riding, but purchase a NOS vintage frame. Or Im i taking the wrong path?

Thanks for your opinions,

A "coffee" bike's paint will be damaged more by locking it up than by riding it. A bike that's too small rides worse than a bike that's too big- within limits of course. A NOS "vintage" bike will be more difficult to find and will be more expensive than a gently used bike- 55/56cm is easy to find (I know, I look often and I need to back away from temptation frequently). Less well known vintage frames can be found very inexpensively compared with names like DeRosa, Colnago, Merckx, Pinarello and are often just as well designed and built, and it can be very nice to have something unique that you've researched. Damn, now you made me look-- Ebay search term "vintage steel frame 55 56" will keep you occupied for a long time. Just now I found a Dave Moulton/Fuso frame for a good price-I'd love to have it! One of the great American builders from when steel was still a race bike. Must back away now... I can guarantee that at least 10 people in here will look at it in the next 10 minutes even if I don't provide the link. Find it yerself...

Oh, hell, here's the link- better that someone in here buys it who can appreciate it. Just the right amount of patina, and it's white so easy touch up if you insist.

And here is an early Tom Kellogg Ross Signature at a price that should be a crime I had one of these once, the fit wasn't right for me (tried to fit on a 54, but need a 56- sound familiar? ^^^) but the workmanship, lug filing and paint were much superior to popular Italian frames from the same period.

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