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Originally Posted by zmudshark View Post
I haven't ridden much at all lately, but Bike Ranch and Bicycle Haus both do group rides. @azrider is the guy to talk to.

I used to ride Paradise Valley, which is not far from where you are staying, and is pretty safe, in spite of being in the city. It can be as hard or as easy as you want. Camelback and Mummy are worth climbing in all directions, hope the air is clean for you. The ride out to Bartlett Lake/Seven Springs is great, as is the ride out to Needle Rock. Those were my favorites, never got tired of riding in Paradise Valley.

PM @azrider for rides and routes, and look at Strava. It at least is going to be dry, if not warm, when you are here.
Thanks man. I ended up riding the canal both days. Not scenic, but I turned a few miles. I'll be out in March for a week with a freer schedule to catch the group rides.
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