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Originally Posted by kvlin94 View Post
A question completely outside of this I had.. since I am very new to cycling in general
Does a bike fit translate from bike to bike?
That depends on what the bike fitter is selling you. Lots of bike fitters sell the idea of putting you in the "perfect position", given 4 hours and lots of money. I don't believe that the perfect position exists - mine keeps changing. Every year I get a year older, this fall a back spasm reduced my range of motion, so my saddle position changed... As a bike fitter my job is to explain to my clients where their range of motion limits end. Part of that is what I can see, part of that is what they understand. They can apply that understanding to any other bike.

The tri bike is an interesting example because they push the limits of range of motion. If I'm doing a road bike fitting and the client asks about clip-on aero bars, I will first define their road bike position, then explain what changes need to happen for aero bars. In some cases it's an easy change, in others it's just not a good idea...
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