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Originally Posted by oldguy00 View Post
I did have a Silvia/Rocky combo in the past. To be honest, it drove me nuts. Could never get consistent shot nor good 'paint' like milk.

I eventually upgraded to a Rocket Giotto and vario grinder, was like night and day. Perfect consistent tiger striped shots, and steaming was incredibly easy to get perfect milk. But $$$
gotcha. and by incredibly easy to get perfect milk, i presume that it was almost "second nature" and didn't require too steep a learning curve.

the other thing i'm considering is to pay for lessons on steaming and latte art

i mean, eff it, i'm already paying lessons on how to ride a MTB properly; surely doing a latte art would have greater utility


speaking of buying used, any particularly good machines to get, where i can buy at say 3-5 years used, skip the depreciation, and still get 20 years out of it?

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