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Originally Posted by oldguy00 View Post
I did have a Silvia/Rocky combo in the past. To be honest, it drove me nuts. Could never get consistent shot nor good 'paint' like milk.

I eventually upgraded to a Rocket Giotto and vario grinder, was like night and day. Perfect consistent tiger striped shots, and steaming was incredibly easy to get perfect milk. But $$$
gotcha. and by incredibly easy to get perfect milk, i presume that it was almost "second nature" and didn't require too steep a learning curve.

the other thing i'm considering is to pay for lessons on steaming and latte art

i mean, eff it, i'm already paying lessons on how to ride a MTB properly; surely doing a latte art would have greater utility

Originally Posted by flydhest View Post
Baby steps.

When we started living together, she was massively unpersuaded that my espresso machine was anything other than a nuisance. Cappuccino with latte art delivered while she was still in bed got her to give it a chance. Now she is asking me if I don’t need a new grinder for my birthday.

She has become more of a coffee snob while away from home than I am.
how did you learn to do latte art? i surmise from one of your previous posts that you are a barrister, but were you also a barista?

if it comes down to expensive machine makes foaming consistent milk easy, well, again, eff it, i might just bite the bullet, though I think i'll likely buy used


speaking of buying used, any particularly good machines to get, where i can buy at say 3-5 years used, skip the depreciation, and still get 20 years out of it?
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