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Originally Posted by sfscott View Post
Do your wives give lessons?

Mine prefers regular American coffee (even loves flavored Dunkin’s dreck.).

Oh, also doesn’t understand why anyone would need more than one bike. And don’t get her started on how dumb an idea a Ferrari is.

Baby steps.

When we first started dating. I bought her a bike. A hybrid. A Giant Liv pink thing. She started riding more and more and now loves riding and has two road bikes (including a custom steel lugged Goodrich).

When we started living together, she was massively unpersuaded that my espresso machine was anything other than a nuisance. Cappuccino with latte art delivered while she was still in bed got her to give it a chance. Now she is asking me if I don’t need a new grinder for my birthday.

She has become more of a coffee snob while away from home than I am.
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