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Originally Posted by jasonification View Post
I was wondering of you could speak into the kind of chamois used for the bibs. Thanks!

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Jason, from the start we wanted to take advantage of this new weldedskin process. We know that stitching is a major cause of abrasion on the skin especially in the bibs so we bonded our pad to our bibs. Its the only pad that we are aware of that is bonded directly to shorts, no stitching!

We cut up and studied the contents of many pads on the market. Most pads use closed cell Poly-Urethane foams that absorb impact.

The air cells in the foam act as small shock absorbers that suck up energy and dissipate it over a large area. This means comfort initially but when you add impact and vibration its actually bottoming out and the energy is transferred to your body. Over the lifetime of the product the foam may settle and flatten because the cells of the foam eventually burst.

We use two layers of shore 30 closed cell Polyurethane foam on our pads, in addition, we added a 15mm gel insert in between the foam layers. This keeps our pads from bottoming out and improves the longevity of the product.

The top layer of our pad is an antibacterial-coated microfiber cloth that encapsulates the inner components and ads a layer of comfort.

We have continuously used our bibs for over 3 years in a cross-country racing environment and pads are still in excellent shape.


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