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Dan's Strada Fango

Often I build the Strada Fangos with rack and fender mounts for lots of flexibility, but Dan just wanted the option of running a light rear rack for a trunk bag. With no need for extra heel clearance or space for fenders, I built it to accept the largest tires Dan could imagine needing (Compass Barlow Pass 700x38). It'll also accept 650x48mm Switchback Hills for his future 650b wheelset!

Just enough clearance for the 38's!

Paragon Flat mount, thru-axle rear dropouts and SRAM Etap.

Nice graceful curve on this thru-axle disc fork.

The full Monty!

Dan's had it for a few weeks now, and he sent along this nice review after his first couple rides.

"I've now been out twice on my new Ellis; the first ride being last Saturday and again last night. It's a fantastic bike and I love it!
When I first rolled down my driveway I thought to myself that this feels clunky like my touring bike with heavy steering. Of course, then I realized I was also running 38mm tires like my touring bike and their bigger contact patch at slow speeds slows the steering down. Slow speeds meaning like 1-2 mph. Once I got the bike up to speed, it felt like my old Waterford. You set up the bike perfectly from my old measurements; it fits like a glove and I haven't touched any setting.

I love the geometry you used. I can dive into a turn easily and the bike just holds its line in a graceful arc. The big tires instill a ton of confidence while cornering. Climbing out of the saddle and throwing the bike around in a sprint feels like my Waterford used to. In other words, I am grateful that the bike feels just like a fast road bike. Only with bigger tires that I am really enjoying. Road buzz disappears at 38 or 40 psi."
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