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Just another old guy trying to stay young

I have been a long time lurker and read most of the post over the years.
Time to let myself in.

*Real Name-Brian
*Where do you live?-South central PA
*Explanation of your forum handle.- While in the Army Rangers as a medic our 1st class medic was "doc". So my squad nicknamed me,a short version of my last name, hence "skiezo". I liked it and have been using it for 25+ years
*Explanation of your avatar.-none
*Age- 52 as of 2016
*How did you find the Paceline?-other forums I belong to
*Favorite Bike-The one i'm riding that day
*What’s in your stable?- 2011 custom TI by Mike Desalvo W/10sp. record.
2015 custom carbon by Sarto w 11sp chorus/record
*Fastest speed on your bike? Where? When?56 mph in my younger days,down a steep mtn. by my house.
*How many miles did you ride last year? 3700(Not enough)
*Picture your ride.
Here is my Sarto ordered through Optimized cycling in Calf.
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