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*Real Name (first or full - up to you) = Ben
*Where do you live? = Oberlin, OH, I also spend time in Washington, DC and Santa Cruz, CA
*Explanation of your forum handle. = Tom Boonen's nickname is Tommeke
*Age (General or specific). = 21
*Occupation. = Student
*How did you find the Paceline? = heard about the classifieds from a friend
*Favorite Bike. = anything by Mosaic or Firefly
*Whatsï½´ in your stable? = CAAD10 with SRAM Red, Cannondale CX9 with Ultegra (2009 TJ national champ edition), Stumpjumper FSR 29er, Nashbar SSCX
*Fastest speed on your bike? Where? When? = 55 mph descending Bonny Doon Rd near Santa Cruz, CA
*How many miles did you ride last year? = 5k
*Picture of yourself, your ride, or both together.

outside jhouse.jpg

*Make up an answer to at least one additional question. = I used to only ride MTBs but now I'm a full blown roadie
*What is the biggest lie you ever told? = I've been training all winter
*Tell us something fun. = One time I mixed up my embrocation and my chamois cream... and I kinda liked it
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