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*Real Name (first or full - up to you): Michael
*Where do you live?: Pullman, WA (for now, home is Vancouver, BC)
*Explanation of your forum handle: initial+lastname, simple and lazy
*Age (General or specific): 27
*Occupation: (Digital Applications) Librarian
*How did you find the Paceline?: Longtime lurker... probably through a co-worker?
*Favorite Bike: Haven't found it yet.
*What痴 in your stable?: ~2004 Saeco team CAAD. All-City Macho King. Old Ritchey Swisscross (plexus stays)
*Fastest speed on your bike? Where? When?: 60km/h? I'm a speed wimp. Vancouver.
*How many miles did you ride last year?: Nowhere near enough...
*Tell us something fun: Librarian by trade, but I'm probably a much better knitter.

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