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Originally Posted by znfdl View Post
If you stuff a third water bottle in a jersey pocket, you will be fine to ride it unsupported. I have ridden the drive many times while only carrying two water bottles, but it depends upon the temperature.

I always felt like riding South to North, was easier than North to South. You cannot go wrong riding in either direction.
I agree with the direction. Once you hit Panorama, it's more down than up. You'll have Hogback as your big climb for the last stretch, about 25 from the finish. A great 6mile downhill (for the most part) to finish.
You should be able to do it alone. I usually do a 62 mile out/back from Front Royal to Panorama & don't need much more than a few powerbars. Two bottles takes me to a rest stop @ Panorama & then full ones get me back. The store at Elkwallow is seasonal, so be sure it's open if you're counting on it.
There are a few tunnels between Panorama & Sky Meadows. A light is helpful. Not sure if it's required.
Never done south of Sky, but the Drive is one of my favorite places to ride. Enjoy!
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