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Originally Posted by sparky33 View Post
that looks like a fun bike
Sure is, as you know from personal experience.

Originally Posted by merckx View Post
That is a really cool machine! Zank 47?

BTW, my Zank 32 easily accommodates Barlow Pass 38s, but don't tell Mike.
I think the "Road32" model name just means that Mike designed the frame to fit wider tires. This one can supposedly fit up to 700x45c or 650x50b-ish. The knobby 650x48b tires fit comfortably both front and back.

Originally Posted by tv_vt View Post
I have no idea what you're talking about!

But that's OK. No disc brakes on bikes in this house...
Both the frame and fork are designed for post mount (PM) disc brakes (standard for mountain bikes, but not anymore for road/cross/gravel). Flat mount (FM) disc brakes (the new/current "standard") aren't supposed to be compatible with post mounts, but depending on your frame/fork design, you can purchase adapters to make them fit (which is what I did).
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