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Originally Posted by ERK55 View Post
Dave - thanks for such a comprehensive writeup.
Just one question though... you said the Onesto is shod with 32mm tires.
Was that frame made for "standard" reach brakes, or intermediate reach brakes? Can't tell from the photo.
BTW both bikes look great.
Yes - the Onesto was made for standard short reach brakes.....and yes the tires measure 32 mm.

The DA 9100 brakes almost have enough room for that big a tire but not quite. I've swapped them out for some older DA 7700's and they clear the 32's well. They are about as tall as I could go.

People tend to think that if you want to above a 28 tire that you need to design the frame and fork around a mid reach brake but it's just not true. If the frameset is designed to have the pads 3/4 down the adjustment slots you can cover a 32 without issue.

Does that make sense?

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