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Originally Posted by SoCalSteve View Post
Coffee in Venice: on Rose.

Nice restaurants, interesting scene on Abbott Kinney in Venice.

Local taco joint where the gardners go: Campos Tacos on Washington in Culver City ( very close to Venice ).

Canal streets in Venice:

Interesting Frank Geary houses and buildings in Venice and Santa Monica:

I don't think you will find the weather anywhere as severe as in the Midwest.

100x yes to AK
100x yes to Canal Streets in Venice and even MDR
100x no to Campos. Getting tacos there would be like only going to Ray's in NYC.

Check out La Estrella on York since you'll be in Highland Park

A taco truck as the No. 1 spot? Well, yes. In fact, we probably could have made this entire list up of taco trucks, because Highland Park boasts some of the absolute best in town, and Tacos La Estrella stands out even among stiff competition. For $1.40, you get two or three of the best bites of food you could ask for. The meats are tender and delicious, the tortillas warm and sweet, the salsa tangy and smoky, the onion and cilantro scattered in just the right way. There's a particular magic to a perfect street taco, and La Estrella has it down. No wonder it has thrived on this York Boulevard corner for more than 20 years. Here's to 20 more.

If you want a more "elaborate" yet authentic Mexican meal, try El Huarache Azteca, also on York. Cash only, quirky as only Chilangos can be (Chilango = resident of Mexico City).

As for "Little Armenia," well, even Armenians avoid that area. And don't waste time in Glendale (largest immigrant Armenian community in the US). But if you want an Armenian experience, check this place out:

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