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Smarter people here than me but I think a trainer can get you close but the proof is always on the road since that is a very dynamic feedback environment

I would focus on the saddle height and setback first snce that has everythign to do with your knees and power. let's say you are best at 5cm setback but don't yet know it. So start at zero setback. probably feels weird. now try 2cm, then 4 cm. starts feeling better. now try 6, maybe 8. whoa feels less better. so you start in place where you definitely have a dont like it reaction and then start adjusting to you find your tolerance range. of course you can do this with the post you have, the clamp position on the rails will not be centered but for sure you can validate the setback.

As for reach/drop...bunch of stems for sale today in the classifieds. $ you buy them and resell for same or less. cheap way to self-test

also see this calculator

if others read this and think it is whacked, please chime in.

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