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Originally Posted by jeffkoller91 View Post
Thanks for the tips! Especially given the shut down of everything right now, I'm liking this option more and more.

I think I have been too much in the mindset of making sure everything matches and is of top quality, I never really considered buying something that is a downgrade for sizing purposes and then swapping it out later. That idea definitely eases the worries of spending too much trying to figure out the right fit of things.

Yes that is understandable worry about spending too much but...really I think the Kalloy Uno Stems are very good & once dialed in you can always swap if you like a certain brand instead. Same with the seatposts. I have had good brands like FSA SB32 as well as no name China Carbon setback posts. All fine

But mostly I think your still not only saving $$ but what your paying is a very small tuition to learn about your personal fit.

I am sure many fitters software/alignment/technique is fine for many but it is generic in a sense. They cannot know or take into account idiosyncrasies
IMHO but tend to be more generic

In any case as you said things are different in the world right now anyway so look at it as an adventure/learning experience

Just take the time...allow yourself a good amount of miles between small changes to settle in. While most look mainly at stack & reach concentrate also on setback...It really is important & something you can easily test
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