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Originally Posted by flying View Post
Anyway it may not be the popular method but instead of hundreds given to some guy who will tell you sit like this ....instead buy a few stems, & start
Take your time you may find you need a setback post or may find your way more comfy/breath better & enjoy the handling/steering on a 40 bar instead of the 42-44 etc
I definitely agree and see this mindset as well. I took a very similar approach with my last bike which was an older Lemond Zurich and I spent the first couple seasons with it dialing in the fit via trial and error. I eventually felt pretty good about the fit but I never felt like I had it quite right so was curious to try out a fitting process.

I now have a more modern Ritchey Road Logic and what comes with the modern frame is also the modern prices of parts...I definitely need a shorter stem to get the fit closer to what I had on the Lemond but I worry about getting a new stem and not having quite the right length. I figured if I wanted to play around with different stems or seat posts I may be burning a hole in my wallet, although I could always try something out and see if I can resell it here if it doesn't work.

In the end, I would probably be spending a comparable amount of money taking either approach (likely a less with trial and error especially if I resell things). I definitely need to give it some thought, but I appreciate your insight on things.
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