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Originally Posted by jeffkoller91 View Post
a step up in quality compared to anything I have previously owned. I'd like to make sure I'm using the bike to its fullest potential .
You know this is just my opinion sounds like your not a totally new rider so...If I were you I would ride it. Set it the same as your last bike settings & ride...ride...ride

Things will show themselves if your attentive.
If you find yourself moving on saddle more often back or front ok small setback adjustments

If you find your reach feels like you would be more comfortable stretched more or need less etc then adjust stem/reach.
You can actually test these with various hand placements while riding then make small changes before next ride.

etc etc etc

I have never really understood someone else fitting anyone who rides already
How will they tell you how to feel? No two bodies are alike. How will they adjust you based on your current fitness or ??? Because we all know fit does in fact change with fitness. As your core strengthens fit changes.

It is not as you say the bikes full potential it is yours.
As you slowly adjust to your bike make the changes you thoughtfully considered during ride in small amounts & always ride ride ride between changes. Small changes are not known immediately takes time

You should NOT be changing something every ride.

Anyway it may not be the popular method but instead of hundreds given to some guy who will tell you sit like this ....instead buy a few stems, & start
Take your time you may find you need a setback post or may find your way more comfy/breath better & enjoy the handling/steering on a 40 bar instead of the 42-44 etc

You may like your cleats further back than what is "popular"

In the end it is not only cheaper but you have actually learned something about yourself/your bike fitting & not just accepted the expert fitters opinion & force yourself into it

Good Luck & again this is just my opinion

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