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Originally Posted by Carl Strong View Post
Hi EDS, more than anything was that it was very smelly and noisy, just no fun. It's also very hot and a lot different from the steel and Ti. So when the demand started to fade, I took the opportunity to remove AL from my pricing. I haven't built an AL frame for probably five years now and don't miss it a bit.

I might also add that to take full advantage of the attributes of AL is to make a light frame. In doing so, the frame will have a finite service life. If you build a longer life into the frame you start to lose the advantage of AL and may as well go to steel or Ti.

PS, I forgot to answer this part of the question. I wouldn't sell and AL frame now even if begged to. The reason is that it would take a half dozen frames before I'd be back up to speed with AL so I couldn't really produce anything of high enough quality to sell anymore.
Thanks for taking the time to respond Carl. Good luck with the move! I really hope to purchase one of your frames in the future.
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