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Originally Posted by EDS View Post
Carl - What went into the decision to stop making aluminum/scandium frames? If someone begged, would you make one again?
Hi EDS, more than anything was that it was very smelly and noisy, just no fun. It's also very hot and a lot different from the steel and Ti. So when the demand started to fade, I took the opportunity to remove AL from my pricing. I haven't built an AL frame for probably five years now and don't miss it a bit.

I might also add that to take full advantage of the attributes of AL is to make a light frame. In doing so, the frame will have a finite service life. If you build a longer life into the frame you start to lose the advantage of AL and may as well go to steel or Ti.

PS, I forgot to answer this part of the question. I wouldn't sell and AL frame now even if begged to. The reason is that it would take a half dozen frames before I'd be back up to speed with AL so I couldn't really produce anything of high enough quality to sell anymore.

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